Saturday, August 2, 2008

taking shape

It felt really great to finally pull up all the paper protecting the floors and pull off the plastic covering the furniture. We can finally see the transformation that took place in just about 2 weeks worth of work. It hasn't been easy that much I can say.
The work never ends though. These photos were taken on a Wednesday morning, after I had spent most the night cleaning up the paper and plastic and vacuuming the drywall dust off the floors. That involved multiple passes with the shop-vac. If you ever plan on something similar, let me recommend getting the appropriate filter for your shop-vac. I had the general use filter and had to clean out the filter multiple times. The fine dust of the gypsum board would quickly clog the filter and I'd lose suction quickly.
I was up so late cleaning because we had our flooring guy coming back to do some touch-up work on the floor (filling gaps, cracks, nail holes, cleaning off glue), as well as our painter coming. Like I said, the work never ends. I have to hand it to my wife though, keeping things on track and making sure that there is minimal time lost between trades. Again, it hasn't been easy.
I can't really recommend others trying this amount of work when: you are living in the place that is being worked on, you have another full-time job and don't hire a general contractor to keep things in order, you have a new 4 month old baby, you have a significant other who is short on patience and just wants house that they can live in without construction debris everywhere everyday.
If you do try this under those circumstances, I hope you have a strong foundation to your relationship.


The Bluths said...

Wow what a change having all the stuff off the furniture and floors. It's really starting to look good!

Lois said...

I can't believe all the work you have done. It is really shaping up. You will certainly have a beautiful home when (???) you are finished.
You are both such good workers.