Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Future kitchen

The wonderful world of Ikea kitchens. And the not so wonderful world of Ikea kitchen delivery. Our order included something like 126 boxes and weighed in around 1 ton. That was a little too much for my little truck to take, so we opted for their delivery service, plus they would bring it up all the stairs into the house. They were supposed to deliver when work was still being done on the walls and floor (before this photo was taken). I had to clean and ready a space for this big delivery in the middle of all the drywall dust (see previous posts to read about that mess). So, we're waiting and waiting on the day of the scheduled delivery and...nothing. No call, no delivery. I call Ikea, "it says it's in transit". Nothing shows up. Wait all day and nothing. Go to Ikea the next day, and reschedule. They said that was bizzare and refund our delivery fee. That's appropriate. The next delivery day comes, this photo shows what they deliver. Not nearly 126 boxes. In fact, it's only about 20 boxes. Somehow they mis-placed a significant portion of our order. I go through and figure our what's missing. Not an easy task since the cabinets all come in seperate pieces and boxes. One piece for one cabinet, most the pieces for another cabinet, one door front for this one, a door hinge for that one, but none of the other pieces. At that point I didn't realize that you need to look at the item number description to figure it out as the name description is a trick to deduce. So, another trip to Ikea. "We've never had this happen before." They're all stumped. They were able to track down all but about 6 items in stock at the store. A free lunch, a gift certificate, and about 10 hours spent at Ikea waiting, and we have most of our kitchen. "Do you want us to deliver it? Free of charge." No, I think I'll take it home myself.
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