Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kitchen progress

I'm trying to get this blog caught up to the point we are actually at on the house. However, working on the house still leaves little time to make posts. At this point in the photos you can see the Ikea kitchen coming together. I think I might elaborate on my thoughts about Ikea kitchens in another post, but for now I just wanted to put in a quick update.

Painted living room. It felt really nice to pull the plastic off the furniture and actually see how the things we already had are going to look in the space.

You can see in this photo the detail we did for storage in the living room. Instead of using corner cabinets in the kitchen, we took those two corners and turned the cabinets to face the living room. We figured that there would be enough storage in the kitchen with all the other cabinets and pantry cabinets that we wouldn't need corner units. Plus, a corner unit would have probably lost us space and made the layout in the kitchen more difficult. So, this way we have two storage cabinets that we can use for extra blankets and DVD's and such for the living room.


The Bluths said...

Your coffee table is a little dusty. :)
Neat idea about the cabinets facing the other way. Ethan and I were wondering what the holes were for.

April said...

I found your blog through grassrootsmodern. I love what you've done with the kitchen pass-through and cabinets open to the living space. My husband and I have a similar layout, and this gives me some great ideas. Thanks for sharing your house. I have a feeling I'll be stopping by here often.