Monday, July 28, 2008

been busy

At this point in the process the drywall has all be hung and is awaiting tape and mud, cornerbead, and "zip-strip". Zip-strip is just another profile for drywall edges that gives you a super clean straight line at the bottom and top of your drywall panel. It also allows the mudder to mud down to the bottom of the drywall and blend the zip strip into the wall. It has this little removable piece that you "zip" off when it's all done and gives you a clean line at the floor. I image that it's a detail the people over at would go for.
Here's the detail...with other images coming later


rocky said...

siiiiick! place looks rad.

Natalie said...

It's incredible to me how quickly you have progressed this project! David and I are in awe of your mad skills. The house is going to be beautiful. Great bones to it.

Welcome to the burbs! We're happy to have you here to help us prove that burb living isn't about "Home is where the heart is" wooden signs on the front door.