Thursday, September 25, 2008

no more remodeling

So, we're done remodeling. So I'm more or less done with this blog. I intended to post cool products and projects, but as you can tell, I don't really have the time. Plus, if you want to know about that stuff you should just hire me. That what I do.


The Bluths said...

We gotta come see it soon. I can't believe how good it looks, or how fast Denali is. Your office/study looks sick.


Kyle, Julie and Braylon said...

It does all look awesome, and YaY! for no more remodeling! I like the ghost dog Denali in the hall pic too. =)

abqmidwife said...

Love your house! Found it on Creede's blog. Quick question: Where did you find your cool, mod, yet kid-friendly sectional sofa? i have 3 kids and it's been a perpetual battle between form and function! Thanks!

Terri said...


Thanks! The remodel has been stressful (with a brand new baby), but so much fun! We're so pleased with the outcome.

All of our living room furniture is from Copenhagen West (5410 S 900 E). We love that store! Casey is the best!

I think it is a polyester blend and is so easy to clean. We have only had the couch since July and it has seen its fair share of bodily fluids from our newborn.